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What's New   Our new WE Chilling Pod is a great solution for chilling your product (wine, cider, mead etc.) if you do not have jacketed tanks. WE's exclusive Chilling Pod is an affordable and effecient method to reduce and control the temperature whether it be for fermenting, stabilizing or for cold filtration. Visit our store to learn more.  
Complete Winery Systems Produce your own high quality wines with a COMPLETE WINERY SYSTEM - specifically designed to suit your needs. Our systems are fully supported with installation specifications.  Choose from affordable Micro Winery Systems using prepared juices or Complete Systems with or without Crush Pad equipment - all with fully compatible components.  Just go to our Online Shop tab to learn more.
Wine Making Equipment If you're looking for equipment for fermentation, tank transfer, chilling, sparging, filtering, bottling, bag-in-box, wine dispensing or, are just in need of winemaking supplies at affordable prices,
In House Wineries An In House Winery is a small winery featuring eye-catching stainless steel tanks. The area does not have to be very large – as little as 200 square feet. The WE In House Winery system enables you to produce a variety of wines that are comparable to the most popular wines available commercially.
Craft Vintners Excel in the popular “ferment on premise” concept with a professional quality  Craft Vintners equipment package. Discerning customers will love the visual appeal of your boutique urban winery with automated bottling equipment.  Turn your U - Vint into something really special with Craft Vintners equipment.  Learn more.
Visit Our Store "WE" Winery Equipment Ltd. is a customer driven company that offers winery equipment as well as complete wine making systems at affordable prices. You will be pleased with our equipment and service for years to come. WE now ships worldwide! Visit Our Online Store
Wine on Tap As the demand for wine continues to grow, so does the need to satisfy customers with innovative and environmentally friendly wine service. Long-held (often stuffy) traditions have been replaced with vibrant new marketing and packaging. The time is right for Wine On Tap!

Welcome to WE Winery Equipment

Thanks for stopping by, and since you are here, it is likely that you are a winemaker looking for a solution. You may need something as simple as a piece of equipment, want to upgrade your present winery set-up to bring commercial quality to an existing business, or are looking for a unique and modern way to dispense your wines.  Or, you may not be involved in wine at all. Many of our Clients are looking for an affordable yet effective method to clean their bottles or chill their products. If your challenge is to produce quality on a modest scale, our products and services may be just what you are looking for. 

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Whether you are a boutique winery, meadery, cider house, restaurant, or a U-Vint ferment on premise operation,  WE Winery Equipment provides innovative and affordable solutions! We know how frustrating it can be to do the research necessary to put a system together of compatible parts. Why not take advantage of our many years of experience, and talk to us about providing you with one of our complete custom packages? Also, you can easily start producing quality wine with one of our smaller systems, and increase your capacity when you are ready.

Complete Winery Systems

We offer a variety of systems that each come with fully compatible components.  Wether you are planning a start-up facility with limited floor space or you are an established yet still developing winery operation, let us design a complete equipment package for you. No matter what type of wine you wish to produce, be it fruit wine or grape, you can turn out top-quality wine very affordably without having to look everywhere for your equipment needs.

In Store Wineries
If you are a restaurant with good wine sales, why not keep more of the profit inside your business by producing your own wine on your own premises? Our In House Winepub Winery System comes with a small footprint, designed with you in mind.

Craft Vintners
Craft Vintners is the next evolution of the ferment-on-premise or U Vint system. Provide a complete ‘winery experience’ for your customers and modernize your operation with upgraded bottling and cleaning components.


The WE Winery Equipment Promise

The owners of WE Winery Equipment bring you over 20 years experience with inventing, designing and producing winery equipment. We will work with you to adapt a system to suit the requirements of your operation.

  • We care about your success
  • Provide affordable solutions
  • Fully support our products
  • Ship anywhere in the world

WE Exclusive Products

 Be sure to check our exclusive and innovative equipment, designed to simplify the winemaking process. Take a look around, and don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements. We are pleased to help.

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